What a Day in Okinawa, Japan!

We just received a fantastic email from The Cupcake Kids in Okinawa, Japan updating us on their Cupcake Kids sale yesterday…..

Wanted to tell you the good news: we raised $3,558.55 for precious children in Uganda!  Praise God.  It’s humbling to see the generosity of our military community–people who already give their lives, but are willing to give more.  As we shouted “Have a cupcake and help an orphan at the same time!” they couldn’t resist.  The kids never ran out of energy either.  It was a blessed day–fueled by God’s heart for hurting children in Uganda.

He provided the cupcakes, the kids, the moms, the buyers, the enthusiasm.
To Him be the glory!
Love in Christ,
Jen in Okinawa
PS: Thanks again for your service to our King.  He is Risen!

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