Who are The Cupcake Kids?

The Cupcake Kids was the kids’ idea.  They had been watching their parents becoming involved with a ministry in Uganda, Africa called SixtyFeet, and they wanted to help out in their way.  “Why don’t we sell cupcakes and lemonade on the corner one afternoon and give all the money to the kids in Africa?” they said one day.  Okay, why not?  So they gathered some friends, designed a sign or two, baked some adorable cupcakes and sat out on the street corner.  Some folks showed up. And God showed up, BIG time!

As moms and dads who are involved in ministries both here in the US and internationally, we wanted our children to grow up with compassionate hearts for others…to look beyond their wants and desires and address other peoples’ desperate needs.  That’s what makes The Cupcake Kids so special.  Not only was it created by kids, but it also blesses children halfway around the world.  And it’s the perfect way to get your kids and family involved in missional work!

In April of 2011, we held our very first {Inter}National Cupcake Kids sale. Since that time The Cupcake Kids have had over 200 cupcake sales in over 35 states and five countries! Children all over the world have helped to raise over $200,000 for SixtyFeet!

You don’t have to sell just cupcakes, we’ve had people from all over sell coffee on Day Light’s Savings, host benefit concerts, make adorable cupcake crafts just about anything to raise awareness for the precious children in Uganda.

Anyone can become a Cupcake Kid and help raise awareness for SixtyFeet.  Find out how you can host your very own Cupcake Kid sale. Feel free to put your spin on your Cupcake Kid sale.  God has gifted each of us differently – use the talent He has given you!