Cupcake Kids in Japan

Here is a quick note of encouragement we just received from our friend Jen in Okinawa, Japan who is hosting a 1,000-Cupcake stand this weekend. If you happen to be anywhere near the Camp Foster PX from 9am – 4pm on April 7, stop by their stand. We hope this blesses you as much as it did us.

I think the perfect way to celebrate our freedom in Christ over Easter weekend is to sell cupcakes in an effort to bring freedom to children on the other side of the globe. I am also so excited to see military families think outside themselves and their own dangers and struggles and into God’s kingdom and how He would use them. Our ministry’s mission statement is to “Exalt Christ in the Nations Through the Lives of Transformed Military People.” I love that they can exalt Christ in Uganda while they are living in Okinawa! Thank you for your ministry and for thinking creatively about how people around the world can participate. I’ve been spreading the word all over this island and on my blog, so here’s to praying for sunshine and God’s movement amongst hungry cupcake eaters who may be walking by the military base shopping area!

One thought on “Cupcake Kids in Japan

  1. This is so awesome…….so great. Our God is so BIG!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In Christ,

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