All the Blessings…No Calories!

I have a confession to make.

I always get tickled, and a little annoyed, when folks say, “Oh, I’d love to buy a cupcake, but I’m on a diet.”  Or, “Aaawww – I wish I could come by and support your sale, but we are going to be out of town.”

Did you know that you can still donate money to this little ministry that helps change lives of imprisoned children without consuming hundreds of empty calories?   Even if you are hundreds or thousands of miles away?

Let me introduce you to a sweet little concept called a virtual cupcake (no baking experience needed!)

When you register your cupcake sale, you will receive a handy-dandy link to your very own personalized Cupcake Kids donation webpage.   Use this webpage to share the location and time of  your sale.  You can also share this page with friends and family who cannot make your sale.  When you do, they will be able to make a donation by buying a virtual cupcake.

And, you don’t even have to wait until your sale…..go ahead and start sharing this nifty feature and watch the dollar figures accumulate at the bottom of your page!  So, go ahead and post your personalized Cupcake Kids link on your blog or facebook.  Send out an email to your great aunt Myrtis or Grandma…and all those friends who ask you to buy gift wrap or cookie dough for their little cutie.

It’s fast…it’s easy….and best of all, you’ll consume no calories!

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