A Year in Cupcakes

Today’s post comes courtesy of Lara Dinsmore, AKA The Farmer’s Wife.

At this time last year, cupcakes were just dessert and Sixty Feet was just a unit of measure. Now both are much bigger parts of my life than I ever imagined. While my family was in the process of adopting, we learned about different ministries working in Africa, including Sixty Feet. I watched a documentary about Sixty Feet at Created for Care and wanted to learn more and become involved in the work they were doing.

My opportunity came. Just a couple of months later, on the day of the national Cupcake Kids Sale, I had the privilege of serving cupcakes to the kids at M1. We were in Uganda for our adoption and another adoptive mom had the idea to make 200 cupcakes and serve them to the kids at M1. We spent a weekend making hundreds of cupcakes, in Subsaharan Africa, without all of our typical kitchen conveniences. I think we even used Jell-O in the frosting. Well, those kids didn’t seem to care. They were so gracious and sweet to us. The greatest blessing that day was worshipping alongside the kids with the Sixty Feet staff in the prison. They sang in Luganda, arms raised high, eyes squeezed shut, praising the Living God, in the midst of hunger, sickness and imprisonment. I walked away that day realizing how little I knew of real faith.

After returning home, I took the position as Child Sponsorship Coordinator for Sixty Feet. It blessed me so much to be able to serve the kids even in this very small way. I returned to Uganda in September and spent more time at the remand homes. I had the chance to sit with individual kids and hear their stories. No matter how many times I visit those homes, I never cease to be amazed at the things I see. The perseverance. The joy in the midst of very real suffering. The beauty of new beginnings offered by our Savior.

This year I am so excited to be serving cupcakes again. It won’t be in Uganda, but right here, in my neighborhood, in my city. You see, by setting up a stand with my children and their friends, I get the amazing opportunity to bear witness to the truth of our imprisoned brothers and sisters a world away. That I have seen them. I have heard their stories, held their hands and looked into their eyes.

This is about so much more than cupcakes. It’s the chance to tell our communities that these kids are real and their stories are true and they are loved by Jesus.

If you would like to join us and host your own Cupcake Kids stand, check out our Host a Sale page. Don’t forget to register so we can put you on our map and you will also get a customized page where you can send people to find out about your sale and to donate online.

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