Cupcakes + Kids = ?

Today’s guest post is from our good friend, and fellow Cupcake, Momma Alison Schmelzer at

Cupcakes + Kids = ?

Ok, so who doesn’t just LOVE cupcakes?

I know I do, and the three little pairs of feet that run around our house daily can’t get enough of them!

Their favorite? Chocolate cake with chocolate icing. The girls want sprinkles, and our son doesn’t. And they don’t want the fancy bakery kind of cupcakes. Our kids love just the good old, cheap ones that you make out of the box and the spread them with chocolate icing from the tub. Pure CUPCAKE yumminess!

And who doesn’t just LOVE kids?

We obviously do around here! We have three little ones running around and can’t wait to add our FOURTH little one to our family! I am around kids constantly in this season of my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Yes, I have moments where I crave adult interaction and quiet conversation with my husband, but I love that our days are filled with fun-loving, active, loud KIDS!

So, now let’s do the math. Cupcakes + Kids =

Honestly, I have never been good in math, but I’ll give you MY answer- LOVE!

I LOVE my sweet friends at Sixty Feet. These families love the Lord and they love His children. Their goal through this ministry is to bring hope and restoration to the imprisoned children of Africa in Jesus’ name. It has been a joy for us to get to know these precious Sixty Feet families and get involved with their ministry!

I LOVE that one of their biggest fundraisers every year involves two of our loves, and ya’ll can probably guess what they are? Yep, CUPCAKES and KIDS!

The Cupcake Kids are little people with big hearts for God. It’s a fundraiser that involves families (kids included!) hosting their own cupcake sales to raise money for Sixty Feet to help the children of Africa. It’s so simple and oh-so FUN!

These cupcake sales can be on your street, at a park, at the sports field (like we did last year!) or wherever you want! We had so much fun setting up our Cupcake Kids sale last year, and our kids really helped out too! And so many friends baked and bought cupcakes for us to sell… we literally had hundreds of cupcakes!!!

We set everything up under a little tent at the soccer fields, and sold cupcakes. LOTS of cupcakes! In fact, when it was all said and done, our little cupcake sale raised over $700 for Sixty Feet!!! Plus, we got to help spread the word about Sixty Feet and raise awareness for these precious children who are imprisoned in Uganda.

And the best part is that other people were having their own Cupcake Kids sales literally all over the WORLD, and God used all of these sales to raise over $60,000!!! All of this money, 100% of the profit, went immediately to Uganda to help children there! LOVE it!!!

I LOVE it when our kids are involved in serving and loving others, and this is a great way for your entire family to serve together! We were amazed by how much our kids enjoyed doing this sale! And I love the idea of teaching our kids from an early age how to show God’s LOVE to others!

So, are ya’ll ready to get your own little Cupcake Kids involved?

This year’s National Cupcake Kids Sale is on May 5, 2012!!! So, you have plenty of time to start planning your cupcake sale and praying that God will use all of these cupcake sales around the world for His glory!

You can go HERE to register your sale and find out more details!

Cupcakes + Kids = LOVE.

No, math was never really my subject, but this kind of math I can do…and so can YOU!

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'” Matthew 25:40

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