Whatever the Reason….

Can’t find a sale near you?

Watching  your weight?


Gluten allergy?

Don’t like sweets? (really???!!!)

Whatever reason you have for not swinging by a Cupcake Kids sale this weekend, fret not.

We have a solution.




Just click on the scrumptious cupcake below and donate to SixtyFeet.



By donating $5, you’ll feed 10 children a healthy meal.
By donating $7, you’ll provide school fees for one child for a month.
By donating $25, you’ll provide 5 children with a Bible.
By donating $75, you’ll provide 10 children with blankets.
By donating $200, you’ll be providing basic medical care to 30 children.
By donating $250, you’ll be providing 10 mattresses.
By donating $550, you’ll be providing 5 children a new bed.
By donating $4,200, you’ll be providing salary for a year for a new Ugandan staff member.

By donating, you’ll be providing hope and love.

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