i love me a good cupcake

I love me a good cupcake.  There’s not many happy moments like when you sink your teeth into some sickening sweet icing.  But the cupcakes I’m about to tell you about are some of the sweetest cupcakes ever. Seriously, this is one of the sweetest stories that has the fingerprints of God ALL over it!

Way back in the early spring of 2010 when Sixty Feet was just getting off the ground, a cutie-pie blonde headed girl and a wide eyed sprite of a boy wanted to get in on the action.  They were trying to figure out how the kids here in Atlanta could help out the kids over in Uganda.  So, they decided to sell some cupcakes and lemonade on the side of the road one Saturday afternoon.  And the Cupcake Kids were born! (Thanks, Madeline and Davis!)

We live on a well-traveled corner, so I offered to host the first Cupcake Kids sale at our house.  Shelly got her cupcake game on and went a little crazy making the cutest cupcakes ever!  Laura supplied the lemonade and Valerie made sure there were some egg and nut free treats for our friends who have allergies (her son, being one!)  And, as supportive parents, we told our children that each set of parents would match all the money they raised and we’d give it all to Sixty Feet – thinking that they’d raise about $50 or so.

HA!!!  Oh, we of such small minds!!  We never thought we’d be selling cups of lemonade for $25 and cupcakes for $20!!  (Note: We were not asking that much!  The kids simply asked folks to pay what was on their hearts.)  That morning, the kids raised $260!  Yes, by now the parents were gulping!!!  Could we retract our original statement and say that as a collective group, we’d match what they raised?!?!

So, by the end of the day, our very first Cupcake Kids sale made a whopping $520!  Amazing, simply amazing!

Well, by then, word got out around town – actually across several states – and folks were asking if they could help host a Cupcake Sale in their own neighborhoods.  Of course!! There were sales in Buckhead, Marietta, Brookhaven, South Carolina and Colorado….and a gracious anonymous donor said he’d match all money raised.  (Be careful, man – we tried that once thinking a few kids can’t do too much and were we surprised!)  We raised God brought in over $10,000 that weekend!!!!

Since then, the Cupcake Kids have made special appearances at the Chochise Club in Vinings and The Garden Market Christmas sale in Garden Hills, and each time they have been awed by the faithfulness of God!

But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!  We have some awesome things cooking up for the Cupcake Kids in 2011!  Stay tuned….

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