Everyone Wants To Be a Cupcake Kid!

This weekend, the wives of the SixtyFeet team had the blessed privilege of attending the Created for Care conference.  This conference was put together by our dear friend, Andrea (www.babeofmyheart.comwww.wiphan.org), specifically to pour into and to encourage moms who have a heart for adoption.

The gals of SixtyFeet were there in two roles: as moms who have a heart for orphans and to introduce SixtyFeet and The Cupcake Kids.  What a blessed weekend it was!

The Cupcake Mamas made some delicious cupcakes to remind the moms at the conference how loved they are.

We weren’t going to serve the cupcakes until Saturday, so we had to come up with some way to keep the already made cupcakes cold.  Aha!  We could keep the cupcakes outside on the balcony (it’s down in the upper 20’s at night). Brilliant!!  So, we put the cupcakes outside (they were in these nifty Tupperware totes) and tucked in for the night.  At about 5 am, we heard this “ssccrraaaatttchhhhh….sssccccrrrraaattttcccchhhhh…sssscccrrrraaattttcchhhh…”  My bedmate, Laura, jumped out of bed and screamed “THE CUPCAKES!!!!!!”  We ran to the balcony and sure enough…a furry little raccoon wanted to get his little paws on those yummy cupcakes.  He was dragging the whole two-tiered cupcake holder across the balcony!!  After we shook off the creepiness of the situation, we couldn’t stop giggling.  Don’t worry – the cupcakes we served were not from the tray this little fella got a hold of!  It seems that EVERYONE wants to be a Cupcake Kid!

We had moms from all over the country who were eager to get their precious angels involved as a Cupcake Kid, especially when they realized it was as simple as making a batch of cupcakes and selling them on the street corner!

We are getting closer and closer to our goal of having a Cupcake Kids sale in each state…so far we have commitments to host 30 Cupcake Kids sales in 14 different states!  How exciting to think all of these Cupcake Kids are going to be raising money and spreading awareness for the imprisoned children of Uganda!  Only 36 more states to go!  If you are interested in hosting a Cupcake Kid sale in your neighborhood, email the Cupcake Kids.

It was an honor for SixtyFeet to show their film, “Bereaved” to a room of about 200 moms last night.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house – I know mine certainly weren’t (and I’ve seen the film 10 times!).  I love that these moms who have a desire to involve their families with The Cupcake Kids now have a better understanding the specific children they are going to help.  Although each family can’t visit “M” themselves (the children’s prison The Cupcake Kids raises money for), they were able to experience it as best they could.

We are so excited to see how God is going to use this sweet little division of SixtyFeet for His own glory.  And we can’t wait to hear how He is working in your family and at your Cupcake Kids sale!

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