Host a Cupcake Sale:

1.  Let us know when and where you are having a sale by registering your sale.

2.  Spread the word on facebook, blogs, emails, and good ol’ fashioned word of mouth.

3.  Make some cupcakes (or other goodies) and some lemonade (or other drinks). Here are some super cute and pretty easy ideas for cupcakes.  But don’t think your cupcakes have to be professionally decorated.  Letting the kids have a hay-day with the decorations is super fun, too!

4.  Choose a safe location that is well-traveled.  Folks have had sales in their front yard, in front of their local grocery store, at their parent’s office, at neighborhood garage sales, at their local farmer’s market, at their church, at their schools, think anywhere there are people!

5.  Set up a table, make some posters, print an informational flier about SixtyFeet for your table. Why don’t you head over to our toolkit page and download all sorts of material to share with friends, co-workers, and neighbors? Don’t forget to shout at the top of your lungs, “Cupcakes for Africa!”

6.  In the past, we have found it’s better if you don’t put a set price on the goods for sale.  We like to engage people in conversation and explain to them about SixtyFeet and the children in Uganda.  And we’ve been known to sell cupcakes for $200!

7.  Take lots of pictures and post them on our Cupcake Kids Facebook page.

8.  When all your money is collected, email The Cupcake Kids the total and send a check to (please do not send cash):

SixtyFeet Inc.
3715 Northside Parkway
Building 300, Suite 110
Atlanta, Georgia 30327

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