Cupcake Kids {Inter}National Sales 2013

Today’s post comes courtesy of our dear friend, Lovelyn, who blogs over at Moments With Love. We are thrilled for her to officially kick off Cupcake Season 2013!

 calling all kids ready to make a HUGE impact on children’s lives on the other side of the world!

it’s time to launch Cupcake Kids season!

Cupcake Kids was born of kids watching their parents be involved in helping the imprisoned children in Uganda, Africa and wanting to help, too. they came up with the idea to sell cupcakes and donate all the money to that non-profit, Sixty Feet. then, they asked kids all over the world to do the same and, through them, God has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the imprisoned children.


Sixty Feet is an action-based organization created to bring hope and restoration to the imprisoned children of Africa in Jesus’ name. We are not referring to a figurative prison of poverty or circumstance, but real places, with real bars.

the words above from their website are true. these are real places. several of them throughout the country of uganda. i’ve been there. i’ve seen the children. seen the hunger. seen the hurt. seen the pain. seen the bars. seen the prison cell. i’ve also seen God work through Sixty Feet to bring medical care, food, hygiene, clean water, education and even some fun to these kids’ days. most importantly, i’ve seen them bring the gospel and those children’s eyes

that had been filled with hurt? they begin to glimmer with hope.

now we have a chance to be Cupcake Kids, too! it’s simple. the official

[Inter]National Cupcake Kids sale day is:

May 4th, 2013.

your Cupcake Kids have a stand on that day [or any other day of the year!] sell cupcakes, lemonade, coffee, treats–really, anything you’d like! sign your Cupcake Kids up HERE and start dreaming with them how they’d like to help the precious children in Uganda.
our kids have LOVED doing this and it’s such a great way for them to get involved, pray for others and truly make a difference. when the sale is over, you’ll donate the money to Sixty Feet and wait to see just how much was raised this year.
cupcake stands
we need you!
are you up for having a Cupcake Kids sale?
we’d like to have at least one in every state and see how many countries, too!
 i would love to hear if you’ll be participating, then head over there and sign up!
there’s one more way you could help right now. they’ve also added another [healthier] component this year. I Run For Cupcakes [IRFC] will run as a group in the Nashville, Tennessee Half-Marathon on April 27, 2013. each team member will be asked to raise pledges for their race in support of SixtyFeet.

if you can join them in Nashville, great! if not, you are welcome to run ANY race, ANYwhere for I Run For Cupcakes

this is a real, tangible way that we can love on some of the most vulnerable children in the world AND we get to do it with our friends, family and cupcakes!
so, come on!  
who’s with me?!

register your Cupcake Kids sale HERE.
register for I Run For Cupcakes HERE.

Sixty Feet website •  facebook • twitter
Cupcake Kids website • facebook 
M1 kids

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