So Thankful

Over the weekend, Dan and I sat on our couch to pray together. This time, we prayed not to ask the Lord for anything but only to offer up thanksgiving and praise.

Once again, God has blown us away with His provision and goodness. He’s accomplished miraculous work – using only some cupcakes and some little children with big, willing hearts.

So far this year, The Cupcake Kids have raised

for the imprisoned children of Africa. This amount represents only a portion of the total – as many sales have not yet reported and many sales are still to come over the coming weeks and months. There’s no telling how far that number will rise by the end of the summer when all sales are complete.

So as you can see, a praise and thanksgiving session was most definitely in order. We thanked the Lord for:

*Every Mom who worked tirelessly to spent her weekend baking and transporting cupcakes, cleaning sticky kids, making posters, setting up folding tables and much, much, much more.

* Every Dad who called in favors and finagled ways to host Cupcake Kids stands at neighborhood pools, retail shopping plazas, public schools, t-ball fields and elsewhere.

* Every Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and friend who couldn’t personally attend a sale but donated online.

*Every person who came out, purchased cupcakes and supported SixtyFeet through The Cupcake Kids.

*Every local cupcakerie who generously donated a percentage of their day’s profits or donated cupcakes for sales.

*Every dedicated toddler, child, and teenager who helped bake in the kitchen, who sat outside in the broiling sun, who sold cupcakes to friends and strangers alike and who shared about the mission and work of SixtyFeet for hours on end.

*And we especially thanked God for our very own Joy Harty, who we affectionately refer to as our “Cupcake Queen.” Two years ago, Joy took the simple idea of a little girl and turned it into a huge, international fundraiser. With The Cupcake Kids, she created a brand that any ministry in America would be proud of. She came up with fun, creative ideas for engaging more children and more families in our work. She worked with retailers, wholesalers, graphic designers and independent contractors to create awesome products. In short, she’s the driving force behind The Cupcake Kids and the one who made it what it is today. We love you, Cupcake Queen!

Please check back with us over the coming weeks and months to see how God continues to use “little people with big hearts for God” all over the world. Also, stay tuned for information on next year’s {Inter}National Cupcake Kids sale. We can’t wait to see all that God has in store and we’re so thankful to be along for the ride!

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