Best of the Best: Tips for The Cupcake Kids

It’s here! This is the week of The 2012 {Inter}National Cupcake Kids sale!  And to help make your Cupcake Kids sale a roaring success, we are sharing some of our tried and true tips for a successful Cupcake Kids sale!

1. Pray with Your Children Beforehand: In the days and weeks leading up to your Cupcake Kids stand, pray together as a family. Pray for good weather, pray for a great turn-out and pray especially that the Lord would use your family to bring hope and restoration to imprisoned children in Africa.

2. Dress for Success: If possible, purchase Cupcake Kids t-shirts from the SixtyFeet store for your entire team, including the adults.

3. Be Prepared to Share about SixtyFeet: Spend time on the SixtyFeet site and get familiar with our work and mission. Help your children understand what they’re doing and specifically, what they’re raising money for. The more passionate they are about the cause, the more funds and awareness they’ll raise. Also, be prepared to educate others on the ministry of SixtyFeet and send your customers to our website for more information or to make online donations.  Print out some literature on who SixtyFeet is and what SixtyFeet does.

4. Let Your Kids Take Charge: After all, it’s The Cupcake Kids. Not The Cupcake Moms. Put them to work in the kitchen — baking and decorating the cupcakes and cleaning up afterwards. On the day of your sale, let them do the selling.

5. Don’t Price Your Cupcakes: The stands that offer their cupcakes for “free with any donation to SixtyFeet” fare much better than those who put a specific price on their items.  Just a few weeks ago, a single cupcake was sold for $200!

6. Offer Curbside Service: Seriously… people love it.   Even sell your cupcakes in half-dozen to go boxes.

7. Sell Virtual Cupcakes Before AND After Your Sale: Everyone who signs up to host a Cupcake Kids stand is given a personal fundraising page. You can send your link, for your specific Cupcake stand, out to friends, family and anyone who cannot physically attend your sale and give them the opportunity to purchase a “virtual cupcake” from you. You can promote the link to your stand both before and after your sale date — using blogs, facebook or email. This is a GREAT way to increase your total sales and to spread the word about SixtyFeet. Check out The Cupcake Kids’s personal site for an example.

8. Dress Up Your Table: Cupcakes make any table look fancy, but adding some height and variety to your table adds interest.

9. Hang Bright, Cheerful Signage: Making signs is another great way to put your kids to work!

10. Delight in the Work You’re Doing! Rejoice in knowing that, through your efforts, you and your children are making a real and lasting difference for imprisoned children in Africa. Cupcakes are no small matter to SixtyFeet. The Cupcake Kids is the fundraising arm of our ministry and every penny of the money raised through these stands immediately goes to work on the ground in Uganda. We are thankful for you!!

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