Merry Christmas from The Cupcake Kids

This Christmas, I’ve been reminded several times of the humility of Christ. Specifically the humble manner in which God chose to bring Him into this world.  A fellow Cupcake Mama was sharing her thoughts with me about this very topic the other evening.  How God could have chosen any number of people to rear His Son. Kings. Rulers. Princes. Someone more established, more financially secure. Someone older, wiser.  But He sovereignly chose a young virgin to be mom; a poor carpenter to be dad; for the King of kings to be born in a stable among animals.

Probably not the way we would have chosen to do it. We probably would have found an established family with the financial means to rightly care and provide for this Christ child; a family with affluence and the right pedigree; a family that was well connected and belonged to the upper social strata.

But praise God that His ways are not our ways. That He purposely chooses to accomplish His perfect plan through unexpected avenues and through the humble. As I spent time reflecting on this aspect of Christmas, I realized that God has once again accomplished amazing things for His Kingdom through unexpected avenues and through the humble.

With you, The Cupcake Kids.

 God chose to use children all over this country – this world – to show the love of Christ.  Kids everywhere used a simple cupcake to raise awareness and money for imprisoned children in Uganda.  He specifically chose YOU to impact this world in a mighty way.

On behalf of The Cupcake Kids, The Cupcake Mamas, and the entire SixtyFeet team, we want to thank you for stepping out in faith and obedience this year and humbly knocking our socks off!  Your support, encouragement and love have overwhelmed us!God is doing a mighty work through each of you and we thank Him for the many ways He has blessed The Cupcake Kids and SixtyFeet this year.

We pray that Christ is revealed to your family afresh this beautiful season. May you be blessed by The Humble King. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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