It’s That Time Again!

It’s been a while.

Sorry about that.

Guess it happens when a ministry is run by busy families.

Even in the lazy days of summer.

It’s not that things aren’t happening.

God’s still working and so are we!

We’ve just been busy behind the scenes.

But we are back with renewed excitement…

and new announcements…


the date for the second

International Cupcake Kids sale!

We had to change the name from the

National Cupcake Kids sale

to the

International Cupcake Kids Sale

thanks to our friends in





Thanks, guys!

But I digress –

You want the date, right?!

Go grab your calendar and pen,

(I’m still old fashioned this way and use a paper calendar)

turn to the month of May,

and write across the box with the little 5 in the corner


Now remember, you don’t HAVE to have your Cupcake Kids sale on May 5, 2012.

In fact, there were some folks in Alabama that just had one this past weekend!

But it sure would be fun to see how many sales we can have on that one day!

This past year we had almost …

140 sales

in 35 states

and 5 countries

and raised over $60,000!

Let’s see what God has in store onĀ May 5, 2012!

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