The Sweetest Thing


Following is a guest post from friends of Sixty Feet at (used with permission)

How Sweet It Is

…to make and eat cupcakes while telling others about God’s love for ALL of us, orphans included. Today’s Cupcake Kids Sale to raise awareness and funds for Sixty Feet’s efforts to care for imprisoned children in Uganda was quite an impactful experience. We knew that God’s heart was in this ministry when we first learned about it at the Created For Care Retreat (here). Then we saw God rally our community around it on April 16th here. So, when we learned that we could have the opportunity to host the Sixty Feet documentary in our town THIS Wed (June 8th), we knew it’d be a perfect opportunity to also hold a Cupcake Kids Sale, leading up to it. The many, many details fell into place incredibly well because of others who were excited to give their time, energy, and support to help our kids learn about and care for other kids across the ocean who have the same needs they do.

My own helpers LOVED leading the charge. We decorated posters and made cupcakes together over the past week while talking and praying for the children in Uganda. They woke up early with me this morning and helped me and Nanny make several trips into church with supplies.

We wanted the children to learn about the imprisoned children in Uganda in a way that wouldn’t traumatize them and wondered how we could present it. Then one day, we came across this blog post about a woman who had created a curriculum for this very purpose! I emailed her and the lesson plan and power point presentation was in our hands within a few days. God is so good.
Michelle did a fantabulous job (in her African dress) telling the kids about the children, Sixty Feet, and how their cupcake sales WILL make a difference.

The kids were captivated. Their prayers that God would protect and that families would LOVE these kids brought tears to my eyes. As I listened to them talk and tell their parents about what they did today, it was quite evident that they “got it.” One little boy even copied down all of the statistics so that he could tell his mom and dad.

Then, they decorated…


They made signs…

Fancy cupcakes were set on tables…




and they were enjoyed by young and old alike…


When we came home, we counted…

If you’re local, it’s not too late to come out for 1 HOUR on Wednesday night from 7-8 to learn what these cupcakes are all about! Email [email protected] (me) to RSVP or for more info!!

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