It’s Not Over Until It’s Over….and It’s Not Over!







There’s really not a lot we here at SixtyFeet can say.  I mean, REALLY!?!?  Look at what God has done through some little people with BIG hearts.


You’ve seen the total. (If not, check out the home page!)  And all this through some eggs, flour, and sugar.  But it’s not over. No….emails are coming in every day continuing to report what folks raised at their Cupcake Kids sale.  So, keep checking back!  And we’ll blog soon about where the money is going. (Just in case you haven’t sent in your money yet, do not worry!  But, if you’d be so kind, please email us what your sale brought in so we can go ahead and count it towards the total. And then you can send your checks – don’t send cash in the mail! –  made out to SixtyFeet to 3715 Northside Parkway ,Building 300, Suite 110, Atlanta, Georgia 30327).


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve heard folks say, “Oh, wow!  That looked like so much fun!  I wish we could have done it, but we had another commitment on April 16th.”  Well, guess what.  It’s not over! That’s the beauty of a Cupcake Kids sale.  You can have one ANY day you want!  Find out how to host a Cupcake Kids sale in your area.  But, if you feel that you reeeaalllllllyyyyyyy can’t host a sale, you can always have a Virtual Cupcake Kids sale!  Just email us and ask how!


But, it’s still not over…There are more sales coming up…

Eau Clair, WI and Ontario, Canada on 4/29

Leavenworth, KS and Charlotte, NC on 4/30

Alpharetta, GA  and Mulvane, KS on 5/7

Atlanta, GA and Arlington, TX on 5/14

Avon, IN on 5/21

Edenton, NC in mid-May

Yreka, DA on 6/18


Oh, and we’ve had lots and lots of people say they can hardly wait until next year!  Neither can we!!!! We are diligently working on the second (Inter)National Cupcake Kids sale.  So, as you see, it’s not over! In the mean time, keep on wearing those adorable t-shirts and talking about those precious children in Uganda.

And, speaking of t-shirts, I just have to share this story.  This past Friday, my crew  joined the Owen’s crazy crew at the zoo.  Shelly, in true Cupcake fashion, wore her adorable Cupcake Kids t-shirt.  Within about 15 minutes of entering the zoo, a gal came up to her and said with excitement, “Hey!  I just had a Cupcake Kids sale this weekend!”  How cool is that?!



It’s not over.

It can’t be over.

Not until there are no children in the remand homes.

It won’t ever be over.



2 thoughts on “It’s Not Over Until It’s Over….and It’s Not Over!

  1. Love it. I love seeing how the Lord can take something as simple as a cupcake and use it to serisouly change the lives of His precious children in Uganda. 🙂 Hope y’all had a blast at the zoo!

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