From Pioneer Girls to Cupcake Kids!

The Cupcake Kids is well underway!  Thanks to Jane Moore ( and her sweet Pioneer Girls for heading up one of the first Cupcake Kids Sale!

Here’s what she had to say about it….


When the Cupcake Kids asked me to host a cupcake sale in Charlotte, NC I was eager to help!   I have a heart for missions at home and overseas and I am a cheerleader for orphans  anywhere!    I could host a sale, but I would need help.


When I started to think about when and where I could sale cupcakes, I was lead to have the  Pioneer Girls help.    The Pioneer Girls at Christ Covenant Church range in age from kindergarteners through 6th grade with older girls and adult leaders, I am the head of the group.   We have done different mission projects and so making cupcakes to help the children of Uganda would be something that they would like, learn from and it would be fun.


How did we do it?   One of the most exciting nights  of the year for our Pioneer Girls is talent night, the perfect night to sale cupcakes.      We (the leaders and myself) decided to have an intermission this year , just to sale cupcakes.    We told our girls the week before about Sixty Feet, and the children they helped, we told them about the cupcake sale and they were very excited.   We sent home flyers telling the parents about the show and the sale.


I knew I needed help , I couldn’t make this many cupcakes, sale cupcakes and run a talent show, so I sent out a “Sign Up Genius” with all the information.  And the help from the parents poured in!     Mothers made cupcakes, others sold cupcakes and I had group clean up.


I also sent emails to the other groups that meet at the church that night to let them know that the Pioneer Girls had cupcakes to  sale.   With every email, flyer and sign up I  put the links to The Cupcake Kids and Sixty Feet, I wanted the parents to know who we were helping and  see where the money was going.


The night of the show went very well.   We stopped the show half way through and had our  intermission.  We sold $210 worth of cupcakes in 15 minutes!!!       WOW!


The Pioneer Girls loved being Cupcake Kids! It was fun and  great way to help the children of Uganda.





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