Meet Moses and Betty

I thought I’d actually put up some pictures and video of the kids out at “M” – the imprisoned children The Cupcake Kids have a heart to help.  You’ll see that The Cupcake Kids helped purchase cleaning supplies so the children of “M” can keep their home clean.  I don’t think my kids would have actually cheered if I told them I brought them mops and soap!

In the pictures, you’ll meet Moses and Betty – they are part of the SixtyFeet team on the ground in Uganda.  They spend countless hours driving many, many miles to visit the imprisoned children all over Uganda.  In fact, they have realized that “M” is not unique.  So far Moses and Betty have pinpointed 5 other remand homes (translation – there are many more children’s prisons around the area!).  Some of these remand homes are in far worse conditions than “M”.  We are quickly realizing that God has much bigger plans for SixtyFeet!

Please join us in welcoming Moses and Betty to the SixtyFeet team and praying for them – pray for their safety; pray that they would have favor with the social workers in the prisons; pray that they would have wisdom as to how we can best serve these children; pray for sustained energy and health; pray that they would be blessed because they bless others.

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