Where in the world???

I’m a Kindergarten teacher by trade and at heart.

I love all things Crayola.

The Cupcake Mamas had a good laugh when we had our Cupcake Kids planning meeting.

I pulled out my blank map of the USA with blue coloring all over it.

What?!?  Don’t each of you have one of these?

Check it out…

The entire west coast is colored  blue.

The majority of the southeast is colored blue.

(‘cept for you, Arkansas and the Virginias!  whatcha waiting for?!?!)

Pennsylvania  rocks the northeast.

One-third of the midwest is colored blue.

Half the southwest is colored blue.

New England – it’s time to get your Cupcake game on.

And those in the wild west – same goes to you.

Come on, folks!

Let’s do something wild and crazy for God!

Let’s rally across the nation!

Help me put my blue Crayola mini-twistable crayon to good use.

Let’s color this nation blue.

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