Just Do It!

I’ve always been amazed at the story of Abraham – how God told him to go and he did.  Or Noah – how God told him to build the ark and he did.  There are many, many stories in the Bible of how people responded in obedience to God’s call.  And there are many, many stories of Christians today who respond in obedience to God’s call.

One such person is a gal named Abby and her little daughter, Eden.  Abby was part of the Created for Care conference last weekend and was able to learn more about the children of “M” and SixtyFeet.  Abby didn’t waste much time responding in obedience to God’s call to get involved as a Cupcake Kid.  Read her story:  http://dockerybambino.blogspot.com/2011/02/sixty-feet.html

I love how she ends her blog: “so. what are you waiting for?  go make some cupcakes, too!”

What ARE you waiting for?

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